cat nail caps

cat nail caps

The cat nail caps come in kitten, small, medium, and large sizes. Available colors green, orange, red, blue, clear, pink, purple, black, white, curry, soft pink, yellow.

Cat nail caps are the newest comfortable and effective solution, developed by a veterinarian to help stop cats from scratching and destroying household furniture. Cat Nail Caps are vinyl nail caps that glue on to your cat's claws. It covers the claw tips so no damage occurs when your cat scratches. Cat nail caps are an excellent alternative to declawing. They are easy to apply at home and cats and their owners love them. The application is simple. Just fill each nail cap with the adhesive provided and slide it on over the nail. It's that easy! They are completely safe and humane and can be used on cats of all ages. With different available colors you can also make your cat or dog more fashion as you like.

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